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A Wreck-It Ralph Hero’s Duty fanfic inspired by this prompt image.

Since there’s not a lot to go on concerning Hero’s Duty’s full gameplay and some of the official sources contradict each other, I’m mixing and matching pieces from all over and adding a bit of my own thoughts to the mix. Just kind of experimenting with things and seeing how some ideas play out.

…Now that I’ve written the story out, the title doesn’t exactly fit, it was supposed to just be a little thing about the Beacon going up. But, since that’s what the image that inspired this reminded me of, it’s going to stay.


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12/12/13, WITH 9 notes VIA




All Glory had ever wanted to do was see what lay beyond the border, and now there was no other option than to cross.

Glory’s mother would be tried for helping her escape, if the Council even sanctioned a trial. Even if one was held, it would be for show—and anything but fair.

None of them were, Glory knew. Her country may be the last left unclaimed by whom the Council and Enforcers dub as The Beast, but if the charismatic Antichrist (as said by the history books) was truly the one that had brought Hell to Earth, then as far as Glory was concerned, it did not matter who owned which plot of land—Hell was here.

Backpack slamming against her back each time one foot hit the rocky ground, Glory headed east, the setting sun too far behind her to be of any sort of help. Yet, he was still bright enough to allow the moon to wash the landscape white, Glory stumbling every other stride.

Her legs burned and chest ached. Her throat felt so raw, it might as well be in shreds by now. She’d still get the same amount of air, she was sure.

Just a few more feet, she kept thinking, teeth clenched to keep tears from coming and blurring her vision.

Soon, the line was in sight, glowing as if crafted from light.

There had always been rumors of it being able to sense when people drew near, alerting the Enforcers of people trying to come or go. Some said it was not a border as like the old maps but one that marked an angelic barrier. Many believed that the only reason their nation had yet to be invaded by The Beast was because they had been chosen by God and only needed to await The Rapture.

"As soon as people believe themselves righteous, there is no more reason to act as such," Glory’s mother had often spat, dark eyes always tired.

God, Glory was going to miss her. She already did, and her jaw ached from clenching her teeth. Her eyes burned again, and she could not stop the tears this time.

Please… Watch over her, she prayed, even though she no longer had no idea if it would be heard, much less followed by divine action.

The line grew closer, and in as much pain Glory was in, she forced her stride to lengthen, her feet to push off harder. She gained speed, lungs lit by cold fire as steam flew past her face from her mouth.

She was getting closer to freedom, to life.

So she prayed, again hoping that if there was a Beast bringing Hell, then there was a Father watching over from Heaven.

That was all that was left for her to hope for.

All Glory needed to do was cross that line.

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Prompt was Did I Die? It started off well but then……. Eh………….

Death had been at Zach’s heels for a long time now, but he was a good runner. He was old, he knew, and slowed to a leisurely pace. David hadn’t been into visit him at all, and every time Marlis came into visit, he would ask about David. Eventually his condition deteriorated to the point where he found it hard to breath without a tube shoved up his nose, something he found uncomfortable and humiliating. He wanted to wait until he saw David before he would accept Death.

Death had no patience left.

It left Marlis with no immediate family left except her daughters. Sometimes she would have a dream with Zach in it, and he would always ask the same question:

'Did I die before David saw me?'

She would always answer “yes”, lips in a frown. Dead men had terrible memories. She went to David and Zach’s old apartment once with Nik, David’s brother. David was a mess. He felt guilty that he hadn’t seen his partner of however many years it was (at least forty, but no-one was sure), amongst other things. Marlis reassured him that Zach looked terrible before he did die, and that it was better he was remembered as he was before he was admitted to hospital.

Nik was surprisingly silent, probably furious that his brother was in such a state over a human. When David calmed down enough, he launched into a tirade that set his brother off again.

'You're meant to be the older one, the responsible one! Humans die before we do, so why are you getting so upset over one? We've all had people we love die, so get the fuck over yourself, shape up, that kind of shit! I've lost you once before – don't do it again.'

After that, Nik picked up his things and left with a slammed door.

10/16/13, WITH 2 notes VIA

Did I Die?


A cold breeze was the first thing I felt this morning. A welcome sensation, but a confusing one. I sat up quickly and looked around my almost unfamiliar room. A realization struck me and my hand shot down to the left side of my body, expecting blood. I looked down at the damp spot on my shirt, but it is only sweat.
The dreams are beginning to feel more real than when I’m awake. Soon I worry I won’t be able to distinguish a dream from reality. Dreams can be fantastic, but they have to be the right dreams. But ever since my dreams started feeling more real, they have gotten darker as well. Every dream I grow closer and closer to death. Every dream a new injury, or an old one growing more severe. Every night a new worry. I worry what terrible things I will wake up to once I close my eyes tonight, I worry about the whole of my reality shifting to the dream. But most of all, I worry what will happen when I die in the dream. And every morning, I have to reassure myself that I did not die that night, and that I am still waking up to reality. It has been harder latching onto reality in the morning, and I only hope it ends soon.

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Prompt: I still remember you


I remember when we first met, you didn’t like me very much.
The others came and went but you always stayed. No matter where I went, we were together. sigh Together forever, I used to say that didn’t I.

My son has his own partner now. I hope the don’t run into as much trouble as we did. Remember those days? We fought gods, saved the world more times than I can remember. We really thought we were invincible, I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well maybe for one thing

I wished would could have stayed together til the end time
I still remember you Pikachu

-Together Forever from the first soundtrack always makes me think of Pikachu dying-

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These are fun. Prompt was “Sometimes I Still Remember You”. Tw for attempted rape and actual murder, though it’s not what you think.

Marlis is way out of her depth, and she knows it. This doesn’t happen often, but when some guy who looks vaguely like Frank offers her something non-alcoholic, she accepts it. She doesn’t know what he’s put in it, and it’s made her puke out what feels like her entire digestive tract. He takes her back to his place, and they have to stop every five minutes to let her vomit. Along the way, the vomiting eases but she feels like she’ll faint any minute. It’s left her weak, a state of being she hates.

She’s has no vomit on her clothes, but he insisted on undressing her anyway whilst she’s on his bed. She knows what’s coming; there’s no weapon nearby. Before he can do anything else other than take off his pants with a leery smile, she rolls off the bed, grabs a knife out of her coat pocket just casually laying there. It’s her favourite, one with a serrated edge that cuts through anything like it was butter.

He backs away from this crazy, naked woman, but he’s too slow, and she stabs him over, and over, and over again, so he can’t do anything else. She’s covered in his vile blood. She misses Frank, and sometimes she still remembers him.

10/16/13, WITH 2 notes VIA


"Sometimes, I still remember you." 

A year had past since that fateful day that changed their destiny. Now only one of them lived to save the world. No matter what happened, she had to save the world. The world that he loved. The world that had deserted her. 

10/5/13, WITH 2 notes VIA

Prompt: Sometimes I Still Remember You


Sometimes I still remember you
when it’s two am
and the sound of crunching gravel
brings you back to my bed.
Sometimes I can still feel the softness
of your fingertips on my neck.
And sometimes, when I take a deep enough breath,
I can still remember the smell of your skin, 
breathing out just so I can breathe more of you in. 

Sometimes I still think of the things 
that you taught me about happiness.
That it takes more than a kiss.
Sometimes, when I’m still remembering you,
I thank you for this. 

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“Sometimes I still remember you.”


My mind: Don’t do the thing

Me: I did the thing

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Prompt: “They hoped somebody would come”


They hoped somebody would come.
Lonely, scared, unwanted
They prayed somebody would come.

Somebody came
From a far away place
Where they would never have to grow up
Somebody took them away

They were lost boys after all

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